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About AITC


Welcome to AITC !

AITC is a non-profit clinic that is part of the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH). As public health providers, our mission is to prevent disease and protect the health of all. 


The clinic was founded in 1999, when SFDPH recognized that many adults had trouble getting access to vaccinations. Within a year, AITC had expanded to become a full-service travel medicine provider, offering vaccinations, anti-malaria medications, and health advice for international travelers. 


Our Fabulous Senior Staff:

  • Pam Axelson, RN, NP - Nurse Manager, Nurse Practitioner, Certificate in Travel Medicine
  • Robin Allen-Contreras, RN, MS - Charge Nurse, Travel & Immunization Nurse
  • Lisa Watson, RN - Travel & Immunization Nurse
  • Nicole Copeland, RN - Travel & Immunization Nurse
  • Nikkie Ho - Operations Manager


Our Medical Director is knowledgeable in Travel Medicine & Infectious Diseases, and is an SFDPH physician.

AITC Nurse with Patient

Injections can be painless !


AITC is committed to providing convenient, knowledgeable, personalized, and cost-effective immunization and travel medicine services.  We are open to the public, and serve:

  • international vacationers
  • international business travelers
  • volunteers providing international relief or charity work
  • travelers on international pilgrimages or performing missionary work
  • individuals and groups
  • students
  • employees
  • seniors
  • immigrants to the US requiring vaccines for Change of Status
  • adults seeking vaccinations for international travel or personal health
  • children requiring vaccinations for international travel
  • all members of the community



Would you like to Donate to AITC?

1.  Call us during normal business hours at 415.554.2625 and make a donation by credit card or ATM card.  We'll send you a receipt.  OR ...

2.  Add a donation in any dollar amount to your bill when you come in for your clinic visit.  OR ...

3.  Mail us a check or donate via PayPal.  Go to for instructions, and please indicate that your contribution is for AITC.


Thank you, and we hope to see you in clinic soon!


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