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Communicable Disease Control Projects, Data, and Reports

Chronic Hepatitis Registry

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Electronic Reporting of Laboratory Test Results to the San Francisco Department of Health.

The Communicable Disease Control Unit is collaborating with San Francisco hospitals and their laboratories to develop an electronic system that allows hospitals to send their laboratory test results for reportable communicable diseases securely and automatically to the Health Department. The goal of the project is to enhance the completeness, accuracy, timeliness, and security of reports of communicable diseases from laboratories to the Health Department. Electronic reporting will enhance the ability of the San Francisco Department of Public Health to identify and contain disease outbreaks and understand the epidemiology of communicable diseases.


Infect Me Not Campaign

An infectious disease public education campaign that promotes the use of healthy habits to prevent the spread of disease.  See materials created by the Infect Me Not project.


San Francisco Communicable Disease Data

The San Francisco Communicable Disease Report summarizes the epidemiological profile of notifiable disease reports collected by the Communicable Disease Control Unit (CDCU) of the San Francisco Department of Public Health from 1986-2003. Notifiable communicable disease reports managed by other SFDPH sections are not represented in this report (i.e. tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases). The results are presented in two primary parts. The first part describes incidence trends of 12 selected diseases in San Francisco in the forms of narratives and graphs; graphical comparison of San Francisco disease rates with the Bay Area, California and the United States from 1994-2003 are also made. In addition to these 12 selected diseases of focus, the same graphical comparisons are made for 9 additional diseases without accompanying text in the second portion of results.

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