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Flu Guidance for Specific Settings

San Francisco City Building


Long-Term Care Facilities


Please visit our new Long-Term Care Facilities webpage for information and additional resources.


Congregate Living Situations & Shelters


Businesses & Organizations



What should be done if someone becomes ill while at the school?

Students, faculty, or staff that appear to be ill while at school should be sent home and kept separated from well people while waiting to go home.


What should ill students and faculty be told to do?

Individuals who are sick should always stay home. People with flu symptoms (fever and cough or sore throat) should stay home until 24 hours after fever is gone. They should not leave home except to see a doctor.  Parents and faculty should be referred to:


What can schools and parents do to prevent the spread of disease?

Schools and parents can help children learn about healthy habits that prevent the spread of the flu. These include:


Resources for schools




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