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Immunization Registry

Immunization registries can benefit children, adults, doctors and nurses, health plans, schools, communities and states. Registries consolidate an individual's immunizations from all doctors and clinics into one record so the person has a reliable immunization history available even when they move or switch health care.  Watch the video to learn about the Immunization Registry. 


The San Francisco Department of Public Health is working closely with the San Francisco Immunization Coalition to install the California Automated Immunization Registry (CAIR) product throughout private medical offices in San Francisco. CAIR is a web-based product with multiple functionalities to improve efficiencies around immunizations at doctors' offices and to help improve disease protection levels for children.

What is the Immunization Registry video


The CAIR product is being used throughout the entire Bay Area and San Francisco is a member of the Bay Area Regional Registry or BARR group.


Having one registry for the entire Bay Area (includes active participation in Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, Solano, San Bernito, Santa Clara, Sonoma, Napa counties and the City of Berkeley) makes it much easier on doctors as well as parents to keep track of children's immunization levels who move from one community to another. It also prevents over-immunization by serving as one central record-storage site.


If your practice is interested in implementing the registry, call the San Francisco Immunization Coalition Director at 415-554-2567. More information about CAIR/BARR is available at:


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